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Devil Cat Boats started manufacture in the early 1980s in the Huon Valley of South East Tasmania in the town of Margate, where they enjoyed steady growth until around 1995 when they were to move to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

This did not eventuate and we ended up purchasing all the moulds, the Devilcat Trade Mark, the Name and all accessories for the whole range of the Devil Cats. In 1998 we started negotiations with the owner of the moulds and after a long and rewarding time and various trips to the "Apple Isle" we were successful in negotiating the purchase. Then came the expensive task of moving all the moulds from Tasmania, over the most expensive stretch of water in the World, Bass Straight, over to the mainland of this great country, "Australia," then up to the beautiful Hawkesbury River, one and a half hours drive, North West of Sydney, to Wisemans Ferry where they now reside. The design of the Devil Cat range has been very successful in the past, especially when it comes to rough conditions, they have the ability to outperform any other "Cat" that I have seen, this is explained at length in our "design specifications"

The reason I decided to purchase "Devil Cat" over any other brand was, because of my many years involvement in the Diving & Salvage Industry, I have had another brand of "Cat" for over twenty years, & I have always been a little disappointed with the overall handling characteristics, so I started looking for something better. I have met & spoken to many people who have purchased/owned "Devil Cats" & they swear by them. I have also made it my business to have meetings with managers of Government Departments, who have also owned & operated "Devil Cats". All these people have a very similar statement, "These boats are amazing, they handle any conditions extremely well, as well as performance & ease of handling."

Most of the boats that are still in Survey, in the Abalone Industry, or State Government work, have been in the respective service for over 15 years, and are still going strong. Not one person has told me that they need to change. That says a lot for the design & construction, and when you consider that these boats were specifically designed for the roughest water conditions in the World, (off the Southern Coastline of Tasmania, Bass Straight & the South Coast of NSW, Victoria & South Australia), by fishermen, for fishermen. There is a very successful Fishing Charter company, which operates from Phillip Island, ( they are permitted to use our logo), these guys are considering adding to their fleet, & haven't one bad thing to say about their boat. In fact I have not found any owner that has had a bad word to say about his or her craft.

To this end I have opened an "Owners Forum" page on our web site just to invite any owners of "Devil Cats" to send in photos and stories, via the email link to me, so that I can upload them, then everyone can read & see each & every craft. Nothing sells more than happy customers. This company is dedicated to seeing that all customers, past, present & future, all have the best enjoyment out of their "Devil Cat".

Everyone deserves to own a "Devil Cat" once in their lifetime, it's your life to live to the fullest.

Now that we have all the facilities in place we are continuing to bring the "Devil Cat" range to the boating world. There are a few subtle changes, but the basic great and safe design are the foundation stone that will see these great boats into the future. At "Devil Cat" we offer a wide range of services from, new boats to second hand, we welcome trade ins and we have full in house mechanical services, any type of trimming, fiberglass repairs, water skiing and a ski school, charter cruises of the mighty Hawkesbury and much more, see our Services page to get a better idea. We are proud of the history of "Devil Cat" and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, email or even better, visit DevilCat boats in person.

I look forward to meeting you whenever,

Kind Regards

Ray Patterson.